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Bowls For Higher Meditation



Over the years, music has played a significant role in different religion all over the world. It is very evident even in the oldest tribes of the world that people use different instruments from bells to drums and from wind to string instruments. Modern churches have music ministries using electronic instruments to sing their songs of praise and worship. With that in mind, sound vibrations then play a very important role in generating a higher form of meditation.


Perhaps the most simple and one of the most interesting instruments for meditation are the singing bowls of Tibetan monks. Tibetan monks are said to be the secret users of singing bowls. However, historians are unable to pinpoint exactly when singing bowls came into being, but the technique to build similar instruments existed in Asia as long as 4 thousand years ago. There were shamans who actually practiced the use of bowls even before the presence of Buddhists.


There are a lot of videos on the internet and at this website that you can watch showing the use of these singing bowls in meditation. Playing a singing bowl is quite as easy as it looks. In less than five minutes you will already be able to play most bowls. Using a crafted stick, gently hit the bowl like a bell or simply circle the stick around the outside of the bowl very slowly in a steady rhythm. You might have to circle for a while before you actually hear anything. You will begin to hear a slight hum, and this hum will increase as you continue circling the stick around the bowl.


Singing bowls are generally used for meditation. It has been proven that our mind and body is intensely affected by the sound and vibration of singing Tibetan bowls. The sound of the bowls relaxes and eases our mind and body so that one can concentrate deeper within himself. This is particularly achieved by massaging our body through the sound and vibration of healing bowls. Singing bowls www.silverskyimports.com/ are often used in yoga classes as well.


Singing bowls were originally comprised of five, seven, or nine different metals including gold, silver, mercury, copper, tin, and iron. Good quality Tibetan singing bowls are hand crafted, employing ordinary techniques and tools. Silver Sky is an online marketplace for hand made goods from Asia. They feature a large variety of singing bowls with sound samples, pictures and descriptions of each bowl readily available. Try to visit their website by searching the internet.